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Is it really over?

August 11, 2010 - 9:37 pm 6 Comments

So its been a week since we landed back in Canada and all we can say is: “Is it really over?”. We’ve been doing the Northern Ontario circuit meeting friends, family and even managed to attend a wedding. Congrats Lee and Nat! We’re back in Toronto tomorrow and with work starting Aug 16th we’ll soon be back to a life we once knew. This will surely be an adjustment but we’re excited for these new beginnings.

One of the biggest takeaways for us is an appreciation for the life we live in Canada. We really have it great and travel does a good job of pointing this out. Canada is friendly, clean, and peaceful. We have an education system that gives you an opportunity to live out your dreams. A health care system that takes care of you in the time of need. Although there’s always room for improvement (and we should never stop working on this) its important to realize how lucky we are. Things as basic as a warm shower or clean tap water just don’t exist in most of the world.

We kept a tally of some interesting stats/observations and wanted to share these with you below. A big question we’ve been getting is “So what was your favorite place?”. We found this difficult to answer so we broke it up into various criteria. As an example, Bolivia had some of the most amazing sights but it would be the last place we’d want to live.

We hope you enjoyed the blog and be sure to view some advice we posted on our new tab “Travel Tips”

Signing off,

Nate and Crystal


Trip Statistics

Days traveled: 185

Number of Countries visited: 14

Number of flights: 24

Number of flights with connections: 27

Longest flight: Buenos Aires to Australia (an unexpected stopover in Queenstown)

Shortest flight: Cusco to Lima (Less than 1 Hour)

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Longest stay: South Africa – 4 weeks

Shortest stay: Uruguay and UK – 4 days each

Longest hike: Milford Trek – 60 kms

Coldest City: Te Anau Downs, New Zealand

Warmest City: Aswan, Egypt

The Best & Worst Category



1. Hotel 64 – Osaka, Japan


2. Hostel Inn – Iguazu, Argentina


3. Darna Village – Aquaba, Jordan


1. Nubian Oasis – Luxor, Egypt

2. Hostel – San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

3. Hostel Cusco – Cusco, Peru



1. Japan


2. Australia

3. New Zealand


1. Bolivia

2. China

3. Egypt



1. Buenos Aires, Argentina – Free and easy access, we were getting download speeds of 300kb/sec

2. Tokyo, Japan – Free and easy access, we were getting around 250kb/sec

3. Aswan, Egypt – Free access and downloads up to 200kb/sec


1. New Zealand – Accessibility and cost made NZ the worst place in the world for internet. The fact they have a good connection and don’t make it easy for people to use it is shameful.

2. Bolivia – It was free but slow and there were no wifi access points.

3. South Africa – Most hostels didn’t have a connection and the ones that did were terribly slow.



1. Tokyo, Japan – Although complex you can get around easily


2. Buenos Aires, Argentina – Lots of access and very affordable.

3. London, England – The tube is great. By a day pass and ride around!


1. Lima, Peru – All private buses or Taxis for a city of 13 million is crazy! This is changing in the next few years though.

2. La Paz, Bolivia – People basically yell destinations from small vans with neon colored signs

3. Amman, Jordan – The bus system has no set times so it shows up whenever.


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Best: Japan – Couldn’t be more polite. The staff will join in a welcome and goodbye as you enter or leave their store/restaurant.

Worst: Amman, Jordan – If you’re a woman get ready to have guys stare you down and make disturbing comments and gestures.


Best: Buenos Aires – Delicious steak dinner for $20.

Worst: Buenos Aires – The risotto was fried rice and the olive oil was full of dead flies… ewww!


Best: Rurrenabaque, Bolivia – Try $2 dollars for a private king with ensuite bathroom.

Worst: Durban, South Africa – The world cup made things pricey which was expected.


Best: Quantas – They gave us an itinerary, travel pack with toothbrush, and surprised us with ice cream for dessert. Very friendly as well.

Worst: Iberia – It was a fight to get a cup of water and Nathan was rammed in the ankle by the cart with no apology.


Best: British Airways – The chicken Tikka Masala was unreal!

Worst: Air China – The chicken was so dry it sucked the life out of you.


Best: Amman, Jordan – mmmmm falafel

Worst: Beijing, China – What’s your flavor…. baby chickens on skewers or fried scorpion?


The 3 Top Category


1. Jeep Tour – San Pedro de Atacama, Chilie to Uyuni, Bolivia


2. Amazon Basin – Rurrenabaque, Bolivia


3. Wadi Rum Desert – Wadi Rum, Jordan



1. Night Scuba Dive – Great Barrier Reef, Australia


2. The Caves – Outside Rockhampton, Australia


3. Bloukrans Bungee at 216m –  South Africa



1. Amazon Basin Sunrise – Rurrenabaque, Bolivia

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2. Wadi Run Sunset – Wadi Rum, Jordan


3. White Desert Sunset – Western Desert, Egypt



1. Floating in the Dead Sea – Masada, Isreal


2. Night Diving in the Great Barrier Reef – Hook Island, Australia


3. Great White Shark banging into Nathan’s cage – Gansbaai, South Africa



1. Milford Trek – Milford Sound, New Zealand


2. Colca Canyon – Arequipa, Peru


3. Western Desert Oasis Tour – Western Desert, Eygpt



1. Terracota Warriors – Xi’an, China


2. Petra – Petra, Jodan


3. Piramids of Giza – Cairo, Eygpt


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eurotic tv fucking SPORTING EVENT

1. Tigre vs. Boca Football Match – Buenos Aires, Argentina


2. Hanshin Tigers Baseball Game – Osaka, Japan


3. Germany vs. Australia World Cup Game – Durban, South Africa



eurotic tv gia full stripeurotic tv gia katetorrenteurotic tv evah showereurotic tv gia laceeurotic tv gia ducheeurotic tv gia pussy showeurotic tv evah full strip 1. Australia

2. Japan

3. England


1. Germans

2. Israelies

3. Canadian


1. Leopard in St.Lucia – St.Lucia, South Africa


2. Lion and Lioness – Kruger Park, South Africa


3. 100 + year sleeping turtle – Great Barrier Reef, Australia


The Most Likely Category

Get sick:     Peru

Get robbed:     Bolivia

Get ripped off:     Peru

Get hit crossing a street:    Xi’an, China – The Frogger game had to have been based on this City

To have a cold shower:    Bolivia

Anti-climatic moment:    Bikini Beach, Uruguay – There were no bikinis!

Get harrassed by street vendors:   Egypt

The Last Leg!

August 3, 2010 - 4:30 am No Comments

With a week left we had three more stops left in Egypt. The ancient capital city of Luxor and the Nubian cities of Aswan and Abu Simbel. Here’s what we did:


July 23 – 26, 2010


We spent our first day in Luxor melting through the 45+ degree heat to view the Temple of Luxor, the Luxor Museum, and the Temple of Karnak. The city of Luxor was the capital of Egypt during the New Kingdom (19th to 23rd B.C.) and there were thousands of antiquities to be explored. While walking towards the Temple of Karnak we took a wrong turn and ended up in a local neighbourhood outside the surrounding temple fences. What amazed us the most were ancient sphnix statues left buried under sand by encrouching housing. Many children were playing on and around the statues which would have been in a museum under normal circumstances! It seemed that Luxor had more than enough antiquities to go around.


We also viewd the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, and Hatshepsut’s Temple and Tomb. The Valley of the Kings contained 62 tombs which where individually dug into the surrounding mountains… some as deep as 70m! We entered 3 tombs which included Rameses I, Rameses III, and Rameses IX and heard crazy stories about their lives. One was how a wife of Rameses III killed him and all his other children to ensure her son would be king. Just ruthless! Another interesting tomb discovered was that of Rameses II. Rameses II is one of the more famous Pharaohs of the New Kingdom as his rein was over 90 years. We were unable to visit his tomb as it collapsed from poor construction techniques. Our guide let us know that he believed in quantity over quality. She further emphasized this point by telling us that he had over 100 wives, 99 sons, and 63 daughters!


The Valley of the Queens was located behind the Valley of the Kings and contained tombs containing wives, daughters, and sons of the Pharaohs. The tomb of Rameses II favourite wife Neferteri is located in this valley. The cost to enter her tomb was 20,000 L.E (roughly $3,600 each!) as the interior paintings are extremely well preserved. We thought it was worth it and dropped the dollars…. kidding!


The temple and tomb of Hatshepsut was beautifully restored and was one of the more interesting stories. Hatshepsut was a female king of Egypt who attained unprecedented power for a woman, adopting the full titles and regalia of a pharaoh. Her statues also depicted her as a king with the facial features of a woman and her tomb and temple were the largest in all the valleys. Hatshepsut was ruthless killing various lovers for fear they would take her crown. As a result she changed the line to the throne several times. One being her nefew who eventually became king after her death. Out of spite he did everything to destroy her memory, destroying her temple and any statue in sight.

Aswan, Abu Simbel and Lake Nasser Cruise

July 27 – August 2, 2010

After a relaxing few days in Aswan riding Feluca’s, we ventured further South to view the Temples of Abu Simbel and take a small cruise. Our bus picked us up at 3am to join the police convoy and 4 hours later we boarded the M/S Prince Abbas. The architecture of the boat reflected the early 19th century of small vessels which toured the Nile in the late 1800′s. It was a welcome change from the dozens of dirty hostels we’d stayed in over the past weeks.


By this point we were getting a bit temple’d out but we saw some of the most impressive sites of our trip. Abu Simbel was the most memorable which included the Rameses II temple and the temple of Horus. The Rameses II temple was so grand (Four 20m high statues) and displayed amazing battle scenes (The Battle of Kadesh) on the inside walls. They were very eloborate highlighting chariots, horses, and even a couple Hittite (Old Syria) spies who were caught during the battle. The most amazing part of this site was how they were relocated to avoid being submerged during the creation of the Aswan High Dam in 1962. Similar to Petra the two temples were cut into the mountains with great details which made the move a real challenge. It took 4 years to cut and move the mountain with the blocks being 20 to 30 tonnes each!


Now back in Cairo we’re boarding our flight to Canada tomorrow! We’ll have another post or two to wrap things up including travel tips, top lists, random stats and more.

See you all soon!

The Western Desert and Courting in Egypt

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eurotic tv foto modelle free July 23, 2010 - 2:32 pm 2 Comments

The Western Desert – July 19th – 23rd

Now in Luxor we have just returned from a 5 day 4 night trip through Egypt’s Western Desert. Covering over 1000km, we saw ancient mummies, temples, monastry’s and crawled through old tombs from the 26th Dynasty (685 to 525 BC). The blend of Roman and Egyptian culture was seen in the architecture and even the mummies masks! The landscape was also remarkable as we saw the desert change from brown (sand) to black (volcanic rock) to crystal (silica) to white (chalk) and back to brown. Lastly, we walked through an islamic city from 900 AD, saw a crazy artists museum, and even managed to get our sandles chewed up by foxes!


One of the great things about our trip was our guide Ahmed. He was a devote Muslim and with excitement taught us about the customs, politics, and relationships. He had recently proposed to a lady and was waiting with excitement for her answer. Unaware of the process, we asked him in much detail about how the courting process works… it was facinating! Ahmed being 24 approached the brother to ask for a “meeting” with his sister. Once granted permission he met with the family for 2 hours over dinner and for 1 hour with her alone. After one more meetings like this he proposed. A total of 6 hours is all it took! Some other things that were interesting:

- When engaged no ring is put on the finger at the proposal stage… it is discussed and bought later. Engagements last 2 years maximum but can be as short as a week.

- The women with the face covers are supposed to be the most beautiful. The man can see her face during these meetings but if she accepts his proposal he cannot see her face again till they’re married!

- Women cannot file for divorce. They have to ask the husband to do this and if he complies he typical does so as long as he negotiates for his interests (ie. keeping everything)

- Men only want virgins which begs the question…. Why wouldn’t the woman just lie? Apparently it happens and once found out the man can accept or divorce. All wedding gifts must be returned to the males family.

- Women generally stay at home and the man pays for everything. If the woman makes her own money she gets to keep it for herself.

There are more but its definitely a different way of life. It’ll be especially interesting to see if this changes over time… a pending feminist movement? If I see this in my lifetime I’ll be amazed as the culture is so engrained. Ahmed invited us out for shisha at a local coffee shop to take more in. Full of men they were glued to the television watching a chick flick waiting for the big kiss. Crystal and I were at the edge of our seat and the kiss didn’t happen! It was simply a long hug with the credits running by. It was too funny!


Now back to the trip as there are a couple things we really need to highlight. One is a site called “Agabat” and our camping in the White Desert. To start, Agabat is this small valley full of rock formations where the White Desert cliffs meet the dunes and yellow limestone of the Sahara. What is most surprising is that you can see sea shells in the white rock. What is even more amazing is that 40 million years ago the valley was at the bottom of the Mediterrainian Sea. Our guide Ahmed put it best “Just imagine that we’re driving at the bottom of the sea right now”. It really put it in perspective.


A little further along we hit the main part of the white desert which is full of protruding white chalk mounds shaped by the wind. Amazingly enough the wind works in mysterious ways and creates familiar shapes like mushrooms, chickens, rabbits, and trees. There was absolutely nothing around us and all you could hear was silence and a bit of wind…. this until nightime. The foxes were hungry and came out for our chicken scraps. They were jumpy but very innocent as they kept taking a different route to the same place. You’ll notice from the photos that they have huge ears which help them stay cool in the daytime while they hide in their chalk foxhole.


The night ended really well as Ahmed got a call about his proposal. The brother of his lady called and the answer was Yes! He was so happy and after she turned down 5 guys prior he was the one! After some celebration we went to bed and later heard the foxes growling at each other outside the tent. Half dazed we thought they were just playing but it turns out they were eating our sandals!